Welcome. I have set up this page as I enjoy sharing information and ideas. A fellow at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law, I am a Canadian lawyer. My experience includes:

  • advising on mining industry corporate and commercial agreements;
  • routine corporate and securities work for small and mid-sized companies, i.e. incorporation, annual meetings, etcetera;
  • due diligence and securities disclosure related to joint ventures, asset/share purchase agreements, reverse takeovers, secondary offerings, etcetera;
  • domestic and international arbitration, including arbitral agreements, appointments, and awards; and
  • trade-related litigation and administrative review.

Regular updates will be back on this page later in the summer, as we are currently working on a new, more user-friendly format. For the time being, I’ve posted blurbs on legal topics in the news such as, Extractives Disclosure, Responsible Investment, Investment Arbitration, etcetera.

*There is no legal advice on here.